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Kickstart collaboration with Mosaiq Insights operator access

Authorities and operators need to be on the same page to deliver an excellent network and seamless contract management. With secure operator access, operators can seamlessly view their on-time performance data within Mosaiq Insights, fostering closer collaboration with authorities and ensuring they hit agreed-upon KPIs under a franchised network.

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May 22, 2024

Great relationships between public transit authorities and operators are built on trust and transparency. When authorities and operators have equal access to on-time performance information, they can agree quickly on what is happening and collaborate to achieve even greater results for their networks.

Mosaiq Insights, part of Snapper Services’ Mosaiq Transit Intelligence Suite, provides authorities with an overview of on-time performance across all operators in the network, so they can analyse how a bus network is operating in its entirety.

Under a franchised network, operators must bid for routes from the authority and achieve agreed-upon KPIs across their operations. In Mosaiq Insights, authorities can now grant individual operators' private access to view and monitor their performance data, promoting transparency and a collaborative approach to network management.  

Why is contract management so important?

Franchised bus networks are gaining momentum across the UK, with several local authorities already embracing the shift. For instance, Transport for Greater Manchester has already taken significant steps in this direction. Currently, West Yorkshire Combined Authority is actively transitioning its network to a franchising model, with Transport for Wales and Liverpool due to follow suit from 2026. As more authorities opt for this approach, there is a growing need for seamless data collaboration between authorities and operators.

Franchising aims to create a more integrated and responsive bus network, tailored to local needs while aligning with broader regional goals. However, this transition is not without its challenges. Operators, accustomed to autonomy, must adapt to a more competitive environment. Simultaneously, authorities must balance diverse public interests, while ensuring efficient services. Effective collaboration and considered contract management between operators and authorities are in all networks, and vital for the success of franchising.

Navigating contract management with Mosaiq Insights  

Historically, disagreements over network performance have been a recurring issue, with access to different programs and datasets causing friction. To address this, Mosaiq Insights utilises standardised data to analyse trends, providing both operators and authorities with the same actionable insights. This helps authorities and operators navigate contract and franchising complexities and promotes a culture of accountability and collaboration, where authorities and operators can both actively engage in enhancing network performance.

For authorities, Mosaiq Insights offers comprehensive insights into overall network performance, enabling them to oversee operations effectively and make informed decisions. The platform’s beautiful interface and powerful data analytics capabilities streamline contract management and facilitate transparent communication between all parties.

Now, operators can securely enjoy the same benefits. We don’t limit the number of users in each system, so you can drive a collaborative approach to network management and ensure discussions around network performance are on driving improvements, rather than placing blame.

Importantly, both operators and authorities see the same trip level data at the same time, ensuring transparency and simultaneous understanding of the performance of the network. Neither party is at an information disadvantage.

Mosaiq Insights is a valuable tool in the transition to franchising, fostering collaboration and transparency and cultivating a future where public transportation is accessible, efficient and sustainable for all.

Contact us if you want to know more about how Mosaiq Insights can support franchising and contract management through actionable insights.  

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