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Congested cities and towns need excellent public transit options. It’s great for people and the planet.
By putting people in the picture, transformational digital solutions create stronger networks, better experiences, and happier passengers.
With Mosaiq transit authorities and operators can drive positive change affordably and simply.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your transit network… from the cloud.

Mosaiq’s elegant, open architecture data processing platform powers a modular, simple-to-use transit intelligence suite, all from the cloud.

It gives a complete, timely picture of movement, network usage and transit operations.

At a glance

Accurate big picture transit visibility

Great passenger and driver experiences

Easier, faster operational insights


Reducing the cost, time and frustration of data unification

Providing total data confidence to transit agencies

Mosaiq Transit Intelligence Suite

Each Transit Intelligence Suite module is purposefully and elegantly designed to deliver a great user experience.

Mosaiq Insights

Analytics made easy.

Take the clunk, time and frustration out of data analysis and reporting. Reveal what happened and why it happened with ease. Mosaiq Insights helps drive a deeper understanding of network operations and how to improve them - from a big picture view right down to the most granular detail. Beautifully.

A phone screen showing a trip in progress on Mosaiq Go.

Mosaiq Go

Mobile intel made easy.

See a complete picture of trip and fleet data - without the onboard hardware cost or hassle.

Our driver mobile app is easy to use, full of smart features and helps drivers stay safe and efficient, while generating invaluable ops intel from data that wasn’t there before.

Mosaiq Live

Operational visibility made easy.

Mosaiq Live is the companion service of Mosaiq Go. This real-time information web view allows operators to visualise and validate journey data at a glance.

The Mosaiq Live app showing buses on a map.

One platform drives huge value for everyone.

Happy passengers

Accurate, timely data availability enables operators to put passengers in greater control of their trip planning – promoting the modern experience they desire.

Empowered drivers

Improve the driver experience while creating reliable trip data, without the need for costly, traditional onboard hardware.

Informed authorities

Improve visibility and control over the network, while providing a sophisticated set of easy-to-use transit intelligence tools to your operators.

Confident operators

Trust in an accurate, immediately available, single-source of transit intelligence. Drive better decision making – more easily and visibly.

Choose great transit intel. You’ll be in great company.

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Best-in-class intelligent transit systems are built on collaboration. We believe in working with standardised data formats, accessible APIs, and most importantly, good people.