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Better together

Best-in-class intelligent transit systems are built on collaboration. We work closely with our partners to strengthen their offerings and bring brilliant data-matching and analytics to networks around the world.

We believe in working with standardised data formats, accessible APIs, and most importantly, good people.

Mosaiq in your network

The Transit Intelligence Suite is created to complement systems of all shapes and sizes, whether you want to plug a few RTI gaps or need a data-analysing powerhouse.

Collaboration-ready data formats

Mosaiq uses industry-standard data formats like GTFS and GTFS-RT to easily integrate with existing systems. The Mosaiq platform accurately matches journey data to power analysis tools like Mosaiq Insights and more.

Break data barriers

Sometimes data needs a bit more wrangling - luckily we’re experts in handling complex data problems. We can generate insights from non-standard data formats, enabling our partners to serve a broader range of customers.

Stay connected with our API

Doing even more with data? Work with a single source of truth to plan, analyse, and optimise across all your tools.

Our Partner API Portal gives partners and customers secure access to Mosaiq’s matched-up network performance data.

Our partners

We work with technology providers of all shapes and sizes, spanning the entire ITS ecosystem. Together, we help public transit authorities and operators around the world improve their networks and deliver top-notch public transit.

Optibus is a unified software platform for public transportation planning and operations. Agencies and operators in thousands of cities worldwide trust Optibus to improve service quality and efficiency, promote transportation access and equity, reduce emissions and costs, and modernize their operations.

Mosaiq Insights integrates with Optibus' Predictive Runtimes tool.

Vix is the global leader in intelligent transportation systems, automated fare collection, and transit analytics. We work together to provide deep data insights to Vix customers across the UK and Ireland.

Vix’s Beacon ITS is a cloud-native, modular Intelligent Transportation System platform for mass transit agencies and operators. Its Transit Analytics package includes an integration with Mosaiq Insights.

Find out how we work together to support West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Mosaiq Insights was built on AWS and is available on the AWS Marketplace. The AWS Marketplace is a fast, easy way to procure Mosaiq Insights.

Transit Rate-My-Ride data is available in Mosaiq Insights, blending objective network performance reporting with real-time passenger feedback.

Analytics Engines is a leading provider of AI & Data Services. They provide custom analytics capabilities for customers with specific reporting needs.

We work with partners across the transit intelligence industry

How we support our partners

Whether you’re aiming for Net Zero, efficient networks, or improving urban liveability, we’re here to help our partners and their customers achieve their goals.

Competitive and flexible pricing models.

Dedicated sales enablement and marketing support.

Comprehensive product training and knowledge resources.

Solutions to extend your ITS proposition

Mosaiq fits seamlessly into existing systems, bringing competitive RTI and analytics to your ITS offering.

Beautiful analysis

The public transit industry has huge data demands. Whether for regulatory requirements or data-driven decision-making, all networks can benefit from excellent analysis and reporting.

Transit authorities and operators are increasingly aware of the power of their data, but lack the technical resource to surface reliable insights. Doubts about data quality or accuracy can prevent authorities from factoring data into decisions altogether.

Mosaiq Insights ingests industry-standard data formats to match schedule and real-time data, then analyses and presents performance data back to users in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Mosaiq Insights makes the most of the data already available to authorities, enhancing trust and capability.

Need Mosaiq’s data-matching capability to power your solution? Learn about our Partner API Portal

Accurate, well-matched performance data is part of what makes Mosaiq Insights great.

Our Partner API securely integrates performance data and other insights into our partners' tools, so customers can optimise and analyse with superior confidence in their data.

A phone screen showing a trip in progress on Mosaiq Go.

Maximising fleet coverage

Some fleets need to be flexible. Issues like unexpected vehicle swapouts, surprise rail replacements, and variable patronage can leave RTI coverage patchy and passengers in the dark.

Traditional AVL hardware can struggle with these fluctuations, and is often too expensive to have onboard every single vehicle. Some smaller operators forgo RTI coverage completely, missing out on valuable RTI data.

Mosaiq Go creates location heartbeats in real-time from the driver’s phone. Built to complement existing RTI tools, Mosaiq Go is a great option for extending RTI coverage to small operators, school bus services, and rail replacements.

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