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Driven by a great purpose

At Snapper we believe happy passenger and operator experiences are powered by great digital design that enables usability, simplicity, and reliable data insights. It’s our capability at this intersection of art and data-science that led us to create Mosaiq.

We create excellent public transit experiences that accelerate our journey to a sustainable world.

Our mission

With Mosaiq, we’re on a mission to create solutions that drive public transit experiences so good, they change the way...

operators improve and report on performance;

networks accelerate sustainability;

people choose to move.

Choose great transit intel. You’ll be in great company.

Mosaiq Suite

Transport Authorities and Operators use our tools to create frictionless customer experiences, and to make operating and improving their networks simple. From digital ticketing to enhanced operations and fleet and driver mobility, Mosaiq’s suite of tools improves the public transport experience and delivers happy passengers.

Snippets of the Mosaiq Transit Intelligence Suite
Happy members of the Snapper team working around a table.

Snapper Services

Snapper Services has been creating modern and customer-focused public transit experiences since 2006. We’ve developed global partnerships with operators, authorities, and intelligent transit system providers who share our dedication to excellent public transit experiences.

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Let our team show you how you can improve your transit network with Mosaiq.

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Best-in-class intelligent transit systems are built on collaboration. We believe in working with standardised data formats, accessible APIs, and most importantly, good people.