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Supporting West Yorkshire’s journey to franchising

How Snapper's Mosaiq Insights is helping one of the UK’s largest public transport authorities move to a franchised model.

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April 29, 2024

West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) is one of the largest public transport authorities in the UK and is on its way to becoming a franchised network by 2027. Buses are the most widely used form of public transport in West Yorkshire, with over 1.7 million passenger journeys taken each week.

The challenge

In early 2024, the Combined Authority announced its decision to roll out a franchised system in the region.

Under franchising, WYCA will bring its 1500+ vehicle network into a centrally managed system. Moving to franchising is a challenging undertaking, requiring transparency and strong collaboration between WYCA, operators in the network, and service providers.

“We need to be able to see what’s going on day in and day out, report on that data, and make decisions with it,” says Graham Davies, WYCA’s Travel System Manager. “It’s critical that we get a broad, detailed view of on-time performance across all our operators and the entire network.”

“As we move to a franchised model, we need to be able to sit around the table with operators and say ‘this is where things are going well, and where things aren’t going so well’, we need to focus on the insights that make the service better.”

How Mosaiq Insights Helps

Mosaiq Insights is giving WYCA the insights needed to build a reliable, punctual public transport system in a franchised model. Actionable insights and accessible data will be key drivers of the transparency and accountability that characterise franchised networks.

Snapshot of a Journey View on Mosaiq

The Snapper Services team collaborated with Vix Technology to connect WYCA’s data feeds to Mosaiq Insights. This allowed for a smooth onboarding process without disrupting WYCA’s existing workflows and infrastructure.  

“Mosaiq Insights has been able to deliver our network data in a whole new way. It’s quick to load, intuitive, and most importantly, the team likes to use it. It will be an essential part of our toolkit as we move forward into a franchised future.”

Snapper Services is working closely with WYCA to grow Mosaiq Insight’s contract management capabilities for public transit authorities. First, WYCA will be able to invite operators to access their own performance data in Mosaiq Insights. With operators securely working out of the same tool as the combined authority, everyone has equal access to performance information, reducing friction.


While the transition to franchising will take some time, the data WYCA uses today is essential to delivering an efficient and effective service now and in the future.  

By reducing time to insight, Mosaiq Insights is enabling WYCA’s analysts to get to the heart of issues and tackle reporting faster than before. This means WYCA can dig deeper into opportunities to improve the passenger experience, delivering on its ambition to build a connected region and growing patronage.

“The Snapper Services team is a great partner to us at WYCA. The close collaboration in the relationship means we can really contribute to the direction of the product. Snapper deeply understands our needs and challenges as a local transport authority and will be a great support on our journey to franchising.”


Snapper Services' CEO Miki Szikszai will be speaking on devolution and franchising at the Transport After The General Election event, hosted by Transport Times this May. For more information check out our events page.

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