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Mosaiq Go

Mobile intel made easy.

See a complete picture of trip and fleet data - without the onboard hardware cost or hassle.

Mosaiq Go is the mobile app that enables a driver without traditional onboard hardware to improve transit intelligence from their mobile phone.
Mosaiq Go augments the network’s existing data to present a complete data-driven picture to passengers, operators, and authorities.

How it works

  • Mosaiq Go creates heartbeats in real time, ready to share alongside existing Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) data feeds.

  • By bridging gaps in trip and fleet data visibility, it enables operators to keep passengers more informed and deliver greater predictability, affordably.

  • Mosaiq Live is the companion service to Mosaiq Go and delivers a live web view to operators.

Why Mosaiq Go?

Bridge data gaps

Mosaiq Go helps you create trip data where there was none before. Automatic vehicle geolocation provides full visibility of previously unmonitored services, so everyone from passengers to planners can be better informed. Together with companion service Mosaiq Live; it empowers operators to deliver optimal experiences and get the full picture

Easy-to-use design

Designed purposefully for drivers, a friendly and streamlined mobile interface makes for a frictionless experience, so drivers can remain focused on safety and performance. Smart features save drivers time, remind them of to-dos, count passengers, and makes it all easy; from sign in to tripping-on, and from depot comms to reviewing historical trip data. Designed with safety in mind, the app only allows interaction when the vehicle has come to a stop.

Quick, easy set up

We’ll connect Mosaiq Go to your schedule and RTPI data feeds. From there, installation and onboarding is fast and easy. Simply download Mosaiq Go from the App store or Google Play. Driver set up is supported by a simple online instruction video or printable guide. No hardware or complex manuals are required.

Drive confidence

Have data confidence in your network. Through powerful custom journeys and flexible integration with scheduled services, Mosaiq Go will help you handle unplanned vehicle replacements and resource shifts with ease.

Full flexibility

Pick and choose additional features to get the data you want or offer more ticketing options to passengers. Mosaiq Go also allows transit agencies to expand the fleet of vehicles they put into service. With no need to be limited to only vehicles with on-board hardware, they can be safe in the knowledge they can comply with data requirements.

Mosaiq Go is bundled with Mosaiq Live

Mosaiq Live is the companion service of Mosaiq Go. This real-time information web view allows operators to visualise and validate journey data at a glance.

The Mosaiq Live app showing buses on a map.

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