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Mosaiq Insights

Analytics made easy.

Enable teams to quickly analyse, understand and share accurate transit insights.

Keeping an entire transit network moving efficiently is no mean feat

You need data insights to flow as efficiently as your fleet does. But legacy systems, complex tools or a lack of integrated, reliable data can result in ‘insight gridlock’.

Put insights into plain sight

Take the clunk, time and frustration out of data analysis and reporting. This is an analytics tool with a difference. It is intuitive, user friendly and delivers instant insights.

At a glance
  • Understand what happened, and importantly, why it happened.

  • Bring together data from existing tools, telematics and third-party solutions into one place, making it easy to interrogate.

  • Drives a deeper understanding of network operations and how to improve them - from the big picture, right down to the most granular detail.

  • Better yet, anyone can mine insights!

Why Mosaiq Insights?

Complete visibility

See the full picture! Within one system, beautiful, easy-to-navigate dashboards allow you to analyse the entire network from broad strokes network level, down to the finest trip detail. You’ll see exact routes, times and trips that are performing well and those that need attention.

Easy-to-use analysis

Designed with care specifically for the transit industry, the user experience is modern, intuitive and inviting. You don’t need to be an analyst (or hire an analyst) to extract meaningful insights. Anyone can click and drill into data super simply without technical expertise.

Easy KPI management

KPI-driven analytics provide a consolidated view of your entire network, your operators and overall performance. Dive right into route information or even a singular trip. Quickly assess at-a-glance whether KPIs are being met.

Fast, intuitive reporting

No more siloed information, slow data imports, collation or waiting for an analyst’s response. Mosaiq Insights makes it easy to filter, visualise, and share data for anyone in the transit operations process. Take the frustration out of operational analysis and reporting. Anyone in your organisation can easily generate up-to-date reports.

Problem identification

Mosaiq Insights helps you pinpoint problems in your network, guiding you to what's gone wrong (and where) so you can focus on making improvements. Frictionless reporting keeps your stakeholders focused on the highest-impact issues, enabling better compliance, prioritisation and strategic decisions.

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