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Mosaiq Live

Operational visibility made easy.

The companion service of Mosaiq Go, this real-time information web view allows operators to visualise and validate journey data at a glance.

Why Mosaiq Live?

Detail on demand

Dive into in-depth status information on any real-time enabled vehicle in your fleet. Detailed journey data is available at the click of a button, giving up-to-date insights into vehicle occupancy and location.

Operational insights

As ad-hoc journeys begin or additional vehicles are added to ease busy networks, Mosaiq Live gives operators a live view of the network, across both scheduled and unscheduled trips.

Ensure accuracy

Instantly check and validate your network’s RPTI data from your browser to ensure passengers are receiving accurate, timely data.

Mosaiq Live is bundled with Mosaiq Go

Mosaiq Live is the companion service of Mosaiq Go. See a complete picture of trip and fleet data - without the onboard hardware cost or hassle.

A phone screen showing a trip in progress on Mosaiq Go.

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