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Boost reliability with cancellation data insights

Keeping tabs on the bigger picture of cancellations across your network can often feel like navigating a maze. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the new cancellation data feature, now live in Mosaiq Insights.

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April 3, 2024

Let’s talk about the real-world impact of service cancellations on passengers. From not being able to get to work or school on time, to having to replan a whole journey, cancelled services are not just an inconvenience; they can disrupt an entire day. A cancelled bus can be even more frustrating than a service running early or late and lead to lowered trust in public transit. This can have a long-term impact on mode choice, driving passengers back into their cars.  

Now with authorities across the UK moving to a franchise model, there’s more emphasis on authorities’ accountability to the public. That’s where accurate data on service cancellations becomes even more important to access quickly. Enter Mosaiq Insights, where you can track and analyse service cancellations.  Now you can view and compare journey cancellations on an easy-to-read dashboard, making highlighting issues with particular routes, operators, or service times a breeze.  

We’re lifting the lid on cancelled trips  

Imagine having all your cancellation data neatly laid out on a dashboard, making it easy to see trouble spots or recurring issues. Mosaiq Insights does just that. Plus, it includes handy details like cancellation timestamps, giving you deeper insight into when and where cancellations happen.  

Easily understand overall network impact

The Data Quality widget is your vital first indicator of cancellation issues. Cancelled trips have been seamlessly incorporated into the Data Quality widget on the KPI Dashboard to give a top-level perspective of the entire network.

Once cancellations are added to the real-time feed, they’ll appear in Mosaiq Insights within three hours. This also lets Mosaiq Insights show cancellations up to a week in advance.

Quickly find highest-impact operators and services

When you’re ready to dive deeper head to the Operators List, the new cancellation and part-cancellation columns allow you to focus on operators with the highest number of cancellations. Switch over to the Services List to uncover the most cancelled services across all or a selection of operators.

Service cancellations at a glance

In the Journeys page, cancelled and part-cancelled trips are unveiled through simple visuals. This easy-to-read dashboard allows you to quickly identify recurring issues or patterns with a particular service over your chosen time period.

Mapping out part-cancelled services

Need to know more about a part-cancelled service? The Journey View also shows real trips on the map as they happened, with time-stamped location heartbeats mapping out the bus’s actual route, revealing where and when the service was cancelled during the trip. This includes the scheduled time of the service as well as the cancellation time, showing how much notice passengers had for the cancellation.

Ready to take control of your service cancellations?

Whether you’re looking for the headlines or a detailed analysis of routes, operators, and times, Mosaiq Insights has cancellations covered. Take a quick tour of cancellations in Mosaiq Insights below and contact Snapper (or your Mosaiq Partner) to demo cancellations using your own data.

The technical side: building and deploying on AWS

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