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Unlocking the power of your data: how to easily export reports in Mosaiq Insights

In today’s fast-paced world, having quick and easy access to your data can make all the difference. That's why we are excited to introduce a powerful new feature in Mosaiq Insights: data exporting. This tool will help you transform your insights into actionable data files that you can use, share, and analyse outside of the Mosaiq platform.

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June 17, 2024

With our latest update, you can now export data from specific reports in Mosaiq Insights into comma-separated (.csv) files. This means you can take the data you see on your screen and download it for further analysis in Excel, Google Sheets, or any other tool that supports .csv imports.

Why export data?

Exporting data enables you to:

  • Integrate Insights into other reporting tools to perform even deeper analysis
  • Blend data from Mosaiq Insights with other data sets (e.g. census data, economic data)
  • Keep historical records for compliance and reporting purposes

How to use the export feature

Using the export feature is incredibly simple and intuitive:

  1. Find the ‘Export’ button: Look for the “Export” button in the top right corner of the screen. It’s located between the “?” icon, which opens the Knowledge Base, and the “Share” button.

  1. Set your filters: The data included in your export will reflect the filters you've applied at the top of the screen. This includes filters like date range, operators, services, and variants. Your current sort order will also be preserved in the exported file.

  1. Export your data: Once your filters are set, click the “Export” button. Your file will be automatically downloaded to your browser’s default download location.

Naming and file details

The exported files are named in a way that makes them easy to identify. The naming convention is: <CustomerName>-<ScreenName>-<CurrentDate>.csv

For example, if you export data from the "Services" screen for Oxleyshire on June 11, 2024, your file will be named: oxleyshire-transit-services-20240611.csv

This file will include all the data displayed on the Mosaiq Insights screen based on your selected filters, even if the data spans multiple pages.

Where can you export data from?

Currently, you can export data from the following screens within Mosaiq Insights:

  • Operators list view
  • Services list view
  • Service details view
  • Journeys

Practical example

Let’s walk through a quick example. Imagine you’re analysing transit services for the month of May 2024. You’ve set your filters to view all operators and all services, sorted by punctuality in descending order. When you click the export button, you’ll download a file named: oxleyshire-transit-services-20240611.csv

This file will include 54 rows of data corresponding to your filter settings.

Get started today

Start using the export feature today and unlock the full potential of your data. Whether you're a data analyst, network planner, or a transit operator manager, this feature is designed to help you work more efficiently and make data-driven decisions with ease. For more detailed information, refer to our Knowledge Base or reach out to one of our friendly team.

Happy exporting!

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