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Snapper Services repositions as it strengthens European presence

New Zealand-headquartered public transport tech company Snapper Services is boosting its data and analytics offering as it expands its presence in the UK to help operators and local authorities better manage their networks.

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October 31, 2022

Well-established for intelligent ticketing solutions in New Zealand, Snapper Services, part of the ICM Mobility Group, is aiming to help its customers create better public transport experiences across UK networks. It plans to achieve this through a suite of intelligent, data-driven tools and user-friendly interfaces that paint a full picture of transit operations for authorities and operators, helping to streamline and improve operator performance, to provide a better and more attractive service to passengers.

The decision to expand comes at a critical time for UK bus operators, as passenger volume and local passenger journeys start to climb again following the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet the current shortage in drivers, as well as rising fuel costs, means bus operators are under added pressure to keep up with surging demand.

Jon Salmon, Executive Director, Snapper Services UK Limited, says: “In the UK, many authorities are left in the dark as to what is happening in their networks and therefore how to solve problems. This is because of large-scale inefficiencies in the process of collecting, processing, and gaining actionable insights from transit data.

“It is only through trusted data and real-time insights that transport authorities can, using reliable information on exact routes and potential timing issues, improve network consistency and efficiency, save on resources and ultimately, create better transport experiences that drive the journey to a sustainable world.

“This is exactly what Snapper Services has succeeded in helping New Zealand’s transport industry to do, and as we expand our company and partnerships across the UK, we look forward to working with the many transport authorities and operators we know want to create better networks.”

Snapper Services has been working with Ireland’s National Transport Authority since 2015 to provide a mobile reload application for the Irish transport card, Leap. In the UK, Snapper Services UK Limited supports the West Yorkshire Combined Authority with data-enabled transit insights into bus services across the Yorkshire region, with a number of other customers in the UK and Ireland scheduled to follow.

With ambitions to grow its UK business, Snapper Services UK Limited, the team will be expanding over the next six months to include dedicated marketing support and additional sales executives.

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