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In an interview with Jonathan Welch of Coach & Bus Week Magazine, Miki Szikszai shares some of Snapper’s journey from ticketing to Mosaiq, and our growth in the UK.

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May 9, 2023

Miki shares his experiences engaging with operators and authorities who had ownership of vast amounts of transit data, but very little trust in it, and little access to it. Opportunities to improve collaboration, data transparency, and incremental service adjustments led the Snapper team to expand on our first network performance tool, and eventually became Mosaiq Insights.

“You need to be able to use the data, put it in the hands of your workforce to enable them to do that. That’s what Mosaiq is all about, it offers a way of making sure the fundamentals of your network are working well. That’s in everyone’s benefit.”

Read the full interview in Coach & Bus Week Magazine (subscription to CBW Magazine required).

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