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Q&A with Jon Salmon, Director of Business Development at Snapper Services UK Ltd

In a recent Q&A interview with Global Railway Review, Jon Salmon delved into the challenges faced by the public transport industry and how Mosaiq Go could transform the way operators approach these hurdles.

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June 19, 2023

Public transit in the UK has been under huge pressure, with persisting reductions in patronage due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Recovery has been hampered by three key trends: driver shortages leading to network disruptions, inflationary pressure relying on taxpayer funding, and shifts in travel patterns due to flexible working. Additionally, the urgency to combat climate change has emphasised the need for sustainable alternatives to cars, making reliable public transport more crucial than ever.

The Q&A touches on the cost-of-living crisis, supporting rail operators with rail replacement services, the UK Government’s Transport Data Strategy, and more. Read the full Q&A in Global Railway Review.

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