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Press Release: Optibus and Snapper Services Launch Integration to Improve On-Time Performance and Service Reliability

Seamless data integration gives public transportation operators access to historical data and predictive insights that optimize service punctuality and reduce violation-related penalties.

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May 13, 2024

13th May 2024 — Optibus, a unified optimization software platform for planning more sustainable, efficient public transportation services, today announced a global partnership with Snapper Services, a leading provider of intelligent public transportation data tools.

The partnership seamlessly integrates Optibus’ Performance Suite with Mosaiq Insights, Snapper Services’ transportation analytics platform. Through the collaboration, public transportation operators and agencies are able to visualize complex data sets easily, implement improved runtimes, and monitor the impact of service changes - all in one unified platform.

Integration of Optibus’ Performance Suite and Mosaiq Insights

The integration with the Mosaiq Insights transportation analytics platform enhances Optibus’ Performance Suite by comparing static data (what was planned) with historic Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) data (e.g. traffic patterns, bus location, and timing). Viewing the datasets side-by-side empowers operators and agencies to identify precisely "what happened and why" in relation to service disruptions and timetable adherence, and to make data-driven decisions that improve on-time performance and reduce fines for schedule deviations.

"Reliable, on-time services are key to increasing public transportation ridership. With stronger data insights, operators and agencies worldwide can more quickly identify the cause of service disruptions and offer innovative solutions for on-time performance issues. We look forward to partnering with Snapper Services to continue bringing the most advanced planning tools to the public transportation industry,” said Amos Haggiag, CEO and co-founder of Optibus.

"We’re delighted to partner with Optibus to enable excellent network performance for public transit authorities and operators around the world. With Optibus, we are making it easier than ever for transit organizations to take advantage of the power of data-driven insights to continuously improve their networks in service of their communities. Together, we’re paving the way for a sustainable future where every journey is optimized for efficiency and passenger satisfaction, accelerating our shared vision for a greener, more connected world,” said Miki Szikszai, CEO of Snapper Services.

Optibus’ Predictive Runtimes (part of Optibus’ Performance Suite) employs artificial intelligence to forecast bus runtimes with unprecedented accuracy, while providing crucial insights into on-time performance.

Enhancing On-Time Performance with AI-Driven Insights

Mosaiq Insights offers accessible data insights for on-time performance monitoring and network improvements. It cleans, matches, and visualizes planned versus historical performance data to identify network trends, pinpoint underperforming routes, and reveal whether a service is running on-time or has been impacted by cancellations or disruptions.

Mosaiq Insights: Quickly analyze and understand transit insights and KPI performance.

Optibus’ Performance Suite transforms this data into predictive analytics, improving on-time performance by dynamically adjusting routes and schedules to accommodate real-time events and disruptions. The Predictive Runtimes feature, part of the Performance Suite, employs AI to forecast bus runtimes with unprecedented accuracy, giving users crucial insights into how well they have built their timetables, including the likelihood that services will run on time, as well as any aspects that should be changed or addressed.

The seamless flow between Mosaiq Insights and Performance Suite facilitates continuous, insight-driven timetable optimization. Together, this proactively optimizes routes to maximize on-time performance with minimum resources, and boosts passenger satisfaction through the provision of more reliable, efficient services.

The integration between Optibus and Snapper Services’ Mosaiq Insights is already active. To see this powerful integration in action or to request a demo, contact us today.

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