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Snapper Services launches bus driver app giving operators complete network visibility

Snapper Services is boosting the reliability of bus and rail replacement information in the UK and Ireland with the launch of its bus driver mobile application interface, Mosaiq Go.

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May 11, 2023

The mobile app, which integrates with real-time data systems, gives operators complete network visibility when monitoring delays and schedule changes. It complements networks’ existing data sources and is a cheaper, more efficient alternative to installing traditional hardware on vehicles. Train operators can also make use of the technology to tackle the inefficiencies and communication pitfalls associated with rail replacement services.

The app launches as the UK government announces its Transport Data Strategy, which aims to support transport innovation and improved services.

Jon Salmon, executive director, Snapper Services UK Limited, says: “Currently, approximately 20% of all UK buses are not fitted with a tracking system or traditional onboard hardware, which means that the picture of bus routes and networks created by trip and fleet data is incomplete and inaccurate.  

“Mosaiq Go bypasses the need for costly hardware and associated maintenance and improves transport intelligence, in turn enabling operators to keep passengers informed and deliver greater predictability, much more affordably.

“In December 2022, First Bus commissioned a survey and reported that 41% of UK adults are planning to use the bus more frequently to save money as households feel the pinch of the cost-of-living crisis. It couldn’t be a more pertinent time for bus operators to take steps to improve service reliability, communication, and ultimately, create better experiences for new and returning passengers.”

Mosaiq Go has already been used in a successful trial during a major UK sporting event, while there are further plans to run a pilot project in the US in the near future. Miki Szikszai, chief executive, Snapper, says: “With Mosaiq Go, there is no need to take vehicles off the road to install equipment. As a result, transport operators are able to easily gain total visibility of their networks – including the location of vehicles and whether they were running to schedule – and use this to provide an improved, more sustainable service.

“We want passengers to see that buses can be reliable and trustworthy, whether they are travelling for work, school, or leisure.  We strongly believe that our app will positively impact bus reliability and reinstate the public’s confidence in the sector, not only enhancing the passenger experience, but the bus driver’s as well.”

Mosaiq Go is designed specifically for drivers, with a friendly and intuitive mobile interface, keeping safety a priority, while enhancing performance through smart features. To discuss the solution in more detail, contact Jon Salmon.

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