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Snapper Services and Optibus partner to enhance public transit networks through data-driven insights

Snapper Services and Optibus have announced an exciting global partnership to improve transit experiences.

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May 13, 2024

A dynamic partnership 

In the bustling landscape of transit, data insights are the golden ticket to smooth operations and satisfied passengers. With Mosaiq Insights, Snapper Services is on a mission to make transit intelligence easy, giving authorities and operators the data tools to deliver excellent public transit experiences. Now, we’ve partnered with Optibus, a global leader in public transit optimisation, to revolutionise how authorities and operators tackle and improve transit challenges in their cities. 

The collaboration combines the data-driven capabilities of Snapper Service’s Mosaiq Insights and Optibus’ Predictive Runtimes feature, paving the way for a more seamless and efficient public transit experience.  

The power of integration

Imagine the possibilities when Mosaiq Insights and Optibus join forces! By integrating Mosaiq’s accurate on-time performance data directly into the Optibus platform, transit operators and authorities can confidently use Optibus’ Predictive Runtimes tool to make changes to their network and see the impact of their changes in Mosaiq Insights. 

Think of Mosaiq Insights as your trusted transit detective, delving into data to reveal whether a service has run on time or been impacted by cancellations on a particular route. Optibus can use this data through our robust integration to identify areas for improvement and proactively adjust routes or schedules, minimising delays, and disruptions.  

And here’s the beauty of it: smoother transit, shorter waits and fewer frustrations means happier passengers and increased trust in public transit. This enhanced trust and satisfaction benefits commuters and encourages more sustainable travel choices, leading to reduced car emissions and congestion. Plus, the combination of operators and authorities being more responsive to the ever-changing needs of a city ensures they can adapt quickly and continue to deliver an excellent transit experience.

And this is just the beginning. Discover how the dynamic duo of Mosaiq Insights and Optibus can unlock the full potential of your network data:   

How Mosaiq Insights brings data to life

Mosaiq Insights: Quickly analyse and understand transit insights and KPI performance.

  1. Historical data analysis for simplified decision-making: Mosaiq's intuitive interface offers a beautiful overview of historical transit services through journey views, operator lists, and interactive maps. These fast insights simplify the decision-making process for operators and authorities, so they can make informed choices at a glance. 
  1. Uncovering actionable insights: We’ve put our considerable public transit expertise to use in designing Mosaiq Insights. The platform sifts through vast amounts of data to help identify meaningful patterns that lead to high-impact, actionable insights.  
  1. Continuous improvement: With comprehensive data analysis, operators can implement tactical changes to continuously improve the overall passenger experience and operational efficiency. 
  1. Enhanced visibility: The platform provides enhanced visibility into transit operations for the entire organisation. Transparency across the network allows everyone to understand key challenges and agree on what the priorities are for improvement. Operators can monitor service levels, identify bottlenecks, and proactively address issues before they escalate, ensuring smoother operations and minimal service disruptions. 
  1. Data-driven decision-making: Mosaiq equips transit authorities and operators with a wealth of data to make better-informed decisions. By harnessing insights from the platform, operators can deploy data-driven strategies to optimise resources, enhance service reliability, and meet the evolving demands of passengers.  

Outstanding operational optimisations by Optibus

Optibus’ Predictive Runtimes employs artificial intelligence to forecast bus runtimes with unprecedented accuracy, while providing crucial insights into on-time performance.

  1. Intelligent route planning: Optibus utilises powerful optimisation algorithms to design efficient routes tailored to transit authority and operator requirements. By considering factors such as passenger demand, traffic patterns, and operational constraints, Optibus optimises routes to maximise efficiency and minimise travel.  
  1. Integrated problem solving: With Mosaiq Insights, authorities and operators gain a powerful tool to pinpoint issues within their transit network. Leveraging this data, they can seamlessly integrate it into Optibus tools to fine-tune schedules and network configurations. Once adjustments are made, returning to the Mosaiq platform allows for thorough measurement of the changes' impact, enabling continuous network improvement. 
  1. On-Time Performance improvement: Optibus helps authorities and operators in improving on-time performance by dynamically adjusting schedules in response to real-time events and disruptions. The seamless transition from Predictive Runtimes to Mosaiq Insights, and then to Optibus' Timetable Optimisation feature, allows continuous optimisation of timetables based on the insights. By optimising routes and schedules, Optibus minimises delays and boosts service reliability for passengers.
  1. Vehicle utilisation maximisation: Through sophisticated scheduling algorithms, Optibus maximises vehicle utilisation by efficiently allocating resources based on demand fluctuations and operational requirements. This ensures optimal usage of available fleet assets and minimises idle time between trips. 
  1. Automation of planning processes for cost-effective operations: Optibus automates complex planning processes, reducing the time and resources required for schedule creation and optimisation. By automating repetitive tasks and accounting for various constraints such as driver schedules and vehicle capacities, Optibus streamlines operations and enhances efficiency to achieve cost-effective operations without compromising service quality.

Shaping the future of transit

 And that's just the start! This global partnership is laying the groundwork for a promising future in transit. With Snapper Services and Optibus joining forces, operators and authorities gain access to a wealth of data-driven insights that can reshape the transit landscape.

As cities worldwide push for transit excellence, collaborations like ours are leading the charge, driving innovation and efficiency every step of the way! Together, we’re forging the path to the future of transit- one that’s reliable, efficient, and tailored to meet every passenger’s needs.  So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on this thrilling journey ahead. With our combined efforts, Snapper Services and Optibus are dedicated to creating exceptional public transit experiences, accelerating our journey towards a more sustainable world.  

The integration between Snapper Services’ Mosaiq Insights and Optibus is now live. To see this powerful integration in action or to request a demo please contact us.

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