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Platform announcement: public transport is running 10 years behind schedule

In a feature for ITS International, Jon Salmon explored some of the key challenges our industry faces today.

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June 19, 2023

Public transport is facing a decline in trust due to cancellations and delays. This is causing people to lose faith in the industry, which is bad for the environment and the economy.

The public transport sector needs to win back passenger trust by improving efficiency and reliability. This can be done by adopting a data-driven approach and leveraging technology.

Public transport can learn from examples in other industries – like data-driven transformations in retail to improve customer experience.

There are already some successful initiatives underway, such as the Smart Seoul platform in South Korea. These initiatives show that it is possible to make public transport more efficient and reliable.

Operators will face challenges when modernizing their approach, but these challenges can be met by leveraging existing data and implementing the correct analytical tools. By working together, all relevant parties can regain passenger trust and make public transport a more attractive option for people.

We believe the public transport sector needs to adopt a data-driven approach and leverage technology in order to improve efficiency and reliability. This will win back passenger trust and make public transport a more attractive option for people. For more, read the full article at ITS International.

The technical side: building and deploying on AWS

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