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Collaborative innovation in data management

Vix Technology and Snapper Services have partnered to integrate Snapper's Mosaiq Insights into Vix's Beacon ITS platform, enhancing data-driven decision-making and improving transit operations globally.

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July 2, 2024

About Vix and Snapper Services

Vix Technology is the global leader in intelligent transportation systems, automated fare collection and transit analytics. Snapper Services, a leader in transit data analytics, created the Mosaiq platform, offering a suite of tools that helps transport operators and authorities track, report on, and improve network performance. Both share a mission to connect people and communities, providing excellent passenger experiences.

The two companies, both part of the ICM Mobility Group, are partners in the UK and Ireland. This collaboration integrates Snapper Services’ Mosaiq Insights as a transit analytics module within the Vix Beacon ITS platform. Together they provide comprehensive and timely insights into fleet movement, network usage, and transit operations.

The challenge

Vix Technology and Snapper Services are long-term collaborators, successfully delivering public transit technology projects in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. By partnering to integrate Mosaiq Insights into Vix Beacon ITS, we offer an enhanced solution to existing and new Vix customers. The transit analytics package enables customers to put the reliable data delivered by Vix Beacon at the heart of decision-making to elevate the punctuality and reliability of mobility networks.

Vix Beacon ITS is a cloud-native platform that supports monitoring and management of fleets; and enables the delivery of accurate, timely passenger and driver communications. A comprehensive CAD/AVL solution, it processes static, real-time, and predictive data to give a clear picture of transit operations now and in the near future. The system uses Mosaiq Insights to track, analyse and optimise fleet movement and performance.

“Snapper had been providing a data analytics product to Metlink in Wellington since 2018, and we were looking for opportunities to develop that into Mosaiq Insights and share what we were creating on the global stage. Vix Technology was an obvious and natural partner to take Mosaiq Insights to market,” says Miki Szikszai, CEO of Snapper Services.

The partnership evolved strategically, with Vix Technology, generating reliable, comprehensive data for customers across the UK. Meanwhile, Snapper Services leveraged its deep transport ticketing experience to enhance its capabilities in data analytics, which played a crucial role in the development of its Mosaiq Insights product.

“We’ve been working with Snapper Services to deliver the Leap Top Up App for the National Transport Authority in Ireland since 2013," says Rob Cullingworth, General Manager of Vix Technology for the UK and Ireland.

"We have a strong and trusted relationship, so we are thrilled to join forces again to address the future of data-driven transit.”

How we made a difference

Vix Technology partnered with Snapper Services and together we’ve engaged with Vix customers to understand their data requirements. For customers using Vix’s existing reporting solution – Operator Reports - the transition to the Mosaiq Insights platform is seamless. A carefully curated onboarding process and support framework ensures continuity.

Vix customers using Mosaiq Insights are connected to a dedicated support portal attended by knowledgeable advisors from both Vix and Snapper Services. Each ticket receives a coordinated response, ensuring help with requests and issues is on hand quickly.

Feedback from shared customers is essential to Snapper Services’ ongoing development roadmap for Mosaiq Insights. Users can submit big and small ideas or feature requests to the support portal, giving users a direct opportunity to shape Mosaiq Insights. This feedback has helped to shape the Mosaiq platform by providing insight into industry and user needs around transit data.

In addition, both Vix and Snapper Services’ UX teams proactively carry out customer interviews and outreach. This commitment to understanding customer needs, helps to evolve an increasingly compelling and valuable product and service.


The partnership between Vix and Snapper Services has led to the seamless onboarding of more than 10 Vix customers to Mosaiq Insights, ensuring faster access to relevant data.

The collaboration continues to go from strength- to-strength, with Vix and Snapper Services, continually bringing fresh network insights to authorities and operators.  Expansion into new geographic markets, such as the US and Scandinavia, is the next step.

“This expansion represents a testament to the success of the partnership and scalability of the offering,” says Miki Szikszai, CEO of Snapper Services.

“Vix and Snapper Services’ collaborative efforts are a great example of the power of partnership and innovation. They show how, when we combine our respective strengths, we can find solutions to complex challenges within the transit industry.”
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