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Mobility helps create better cities and experiences

We believe in harnessing transit data to put people in the picture. After all, knowledge is power.
From data-confident transit operators and  authorities, to informed drivers and happy passengers – Mosaiq delivers the Intelligence-as-a-Service to add real value at every touchpoint.

One platform drives huge value for everyone.

Confident Operators

Trust in an accurate, timely, single-source of transit data. Thanks to easy-to-use analytics tools combined with trustworthy data, operators can stay ahead of the challenges of daily operations while building a robust foundation for tomorrow’s service improvements.

Use the power of Mosaiq to drive better decision making – more easily and visibly. Easily query and report on data without the need for an analyst or spreadsheet.

Through a sophisticated suite of modular applications, Mosaiq provides new levels of data accessibility and operational visibility for better performance and control. Enable your team to drive efficient, streamlined service delivery across the fleet.

Informed Authorities

Have a stream of data intelligence at your fingertips for an unmediated big picture view. Improve control over the network and provide a sophisticated set of easy-to-use transit intelligence tools to your operators for daily performance gains.

Mosaiq transforms operational data into usable transit intelligence while bridging common transit data gaps. When everyone sees the same trusted information; planning, compliance, and continual improvement is possible.

Short term; glean the transit intelligence to guide better daily decisions. Longer-term; provide the insights and modern platform to increase ridership and passenger satisfaction.

Happy Passengers

With the certainty of their source data, agencies can be confident in robust, multi-stream data integration- including data coming from a reliable mobile app incorporating vehicle tracking), and therefore, a more complete foundation for passenger information and communications.

Accurate, timely data availability puts passengers in greater control of their trip planning – delivering the modern experience they expect, such as up-to-date journey planning and better visibility.

Mosaiq is a reliable foundation for improved service delivery; providing the means for better timetabling, instant in-app comms and all the trimmings of a modern, predictable transit service.

Empowered Drivers

Mosaiq helps provide a modern driver experience – one that will improve worker conditions, reduce stress and promote driver retention.

Smart features help drivers make informed decisions and save time. It reminds them of to-dos, counts passengers, helps deal with unscheduled route changes and promotes safety.

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