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The idea of seamlessly uniting multiple streams of transit data to power greater performance is not necessarily new.
But all too often, users have been left frustrated by legacy systems that don’t behave well together.
Clunky interfaces, uncollaborative tools, information but no insights - sometimes the solution can feel more complex than the problem!

Mosaiq Transit Intelligence Suite

Mosaiq is a modular solution with simplicity and usability at its core. With its single, cloud-based, open architecture platform, Mosaiq:

  • combines data from various streams across the network, within one powerhouse data processing platform;

  • presents a complete, timely picture of fleet movement, network usage and transit operations;

  • feeds data to the Mosaiq Transit Intelligence Suite (Mosaiq Go, Mosaiq Insights and Mosaiq Live) and third party apps to deliver exponential value to passengers, drivers, transit authorities and operators;

  • is purposefully and elegantly designed to deliver a great user experience.

Mosaiq Insights

Analytics made easy.

Enable entire teams to quickly analyse, understand and share accurate transit insights.

Mosaiq Go

Mobile intel made easy.

See a complete picture of trip and fleet data - without the onboard hardware cost or hassle.

Mosaiq Live

Operational visibility made easy.

Visualise and validate journey data across the network at a glance.

How it works

  • The cloud-based subscription model eliminates the capital investments of traditional systems.

  • Mosaiq is kept constantly up-to-date with a development roadmap of features and improvements, including regular security updates.

  • Avoid the recurring cost of deploying regular software upgrades.

  • No hardware and no maintenance.

Easy set up
  • We’ll connect your existing data feeds to Mosaiq. All we need to get you up and running is a nominated admin user and access to your static and real-time data feeds.

  • Onboarding is easy with training documentation and tools to get your team up to speed quickly.

  • Be up and running in days, not months.

  • Each Transit Intelligence module is designed to work cohesively as a system or independently within an existing ITS network.

  • Mosaiq is a multi-tenanted solution built on AWS, a scalable platform that ensures consistent performance and uptime.

  • We’ve built our plans around the size of your network so you only pay for the capacity you need.

  • Mosaiq ingests and outputs mobility data through RESTful APIs.

  • By using industry-standard feed formats including GTFS & GTFS-RT, Mosaiq integrates smoothly with third party systems.

  • Have greater control, flexibility and ownership of your data.

  • Data is kept secure at every level of the solution using modern security practices.

  • Regular security audits ensure ongoing integrity of data segregation and restricted user access.

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