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Analytics made easy

Discover why public transit authorities around the world are choosing Mosaiq Insights to improve on-time performance in their bus networks.

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Mosaiq Insights and Transit App screenshots

Objective network performance with Mosaiq Insights

Mosaiq Insights takes the clunk, time and frustration out of on-time performance analysis and reporting. This is an analytics tool with a difference. It is intuitive, user friendly and delivers instant insights.

At a glance

Understand what happened, and importantly, why it happened.

Bring together data from existing tools, telematics and third-party solutions into one place, making it easy to interrogate.

Drives a deeper understanding of network operations and how to improve them - all we need is a GTFS and GTFS-RT feed.

Put insights into plain sight

Mosaiq Insights guides users seamlessly from a birds-eye view of the network to a comprehensive overview of an individual trip. Take a quick tour through Mosaiq Insights below, and register for your free Mosaiq Insights trial.

Ready to turn transit data into transit intelligence?

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Snapper Services

Snapper Services has been creating modern and customer-focused public transit experiences since 2006. We’ve developed global partnerships with operators, authorities, and intelligent transit system providers who share our dedication to excellent public transit experiences.

No GTFS-RT feed?
No problem.

Mosaiq Go is a lightweight AVL app that creates journey information where there was none before.

Mosaiq Go App screenshot